Tips for Choosing the Best Block of Land

Almost everyone dreams of owning a home. In most cases, you’ll need to buy a block of land on which you’ll build your home.

However, finding the best piece of land is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of effort to find the right block of land.

For instance, one piece of land may be the best one for you but not good for another potential homeowner. Thus, it’s important to make several considerations to find the perfect land for your needs.

Here’re the most important things to consider before buying a piece of land.

aerial view of a plot of land for buying

Get Professional Advice

Before anything else, ask yourself the kind of house you’d want to construct. That way, you’ll search for a land that can fit the kind of house design you want.

For instance, if you’re planning to build a big family home featuring a spacious outdoor living area, an entertaining room, and a roomy study room, then consider buying a large piece of land.

You can seek professional assistance from a sales consultant about the best options available in terms of land sizes and the one that can meet your needs.

Size Matters

Essentially, the size of the land will determine the kind of house you can build on it. In case you can’t compromise on the house design, then consider buying a larger block.

By investing in a large block, you’ll be able to choose from several house designs without any problems.

Consider the Slope

Don’t buy a block just because it’s extremely cheap. Sometimes, cheaper blocks come with secrets that will make the construction more challenging.

For instance, an extremely sloped land will require more effort and money to level before laying the foundation. Plan for expenses such as council fees, traffic management, site preparation, and demolitions.

Determine Your Setback

While it’d be great to utilize the entire piece of land during construction, it’s important to allow room for necessary setbacks from your property’s edge.

The distance of the setback may depend on the number of stories being built. For instance, a single-story home requires a 1.2 meters setback. On the other hand, a double-story home requires a 2 meters setback.

A structure such as a garage would be built at the edge. Thus, take such setbacks into account when choosing a piece of land.

Research the Area

Ensure the area has the amenities you need depending on your lifestyle. For instance, if you have school-going kids, ensure there’re schools nearby.

Also, if you’ll be using public transport to commute to work, check for a nearby train or bus station. It’s also necessary to check whether there’s traffic and how busy the road is. The distance between the area and the amenities you need is also worth your consideration.

In conclusion, before investing in a piece of land, it’s essential to think about the kind of home you want to build and whether a potential piece of land meets your requirements.

Talk to the experts, especially sales consultants, to assist you in ensuring that you’ll build the kind of house you want and your house will be built where you desire.