Our Building Process

At Clarence Homes, we aim is to make the entire process of building your home an enjoyable and transparent experience.

That’s why we use a simple building process such that you’ll know what you’ll be expecting and when.

1. Choosing the Ideal Location

We’ll assist you in choosing the best location to construct your home. We can also assist you in designing your dream home. Our experienced team of builders is always available to assist you in checking the size, suitability, and dimensions of the land depending on your budget and needs.

2. Coming up with a Quote

We have several building plans to choose from. The plans can assist you to get design ideas or implement them the way they are. In case you have some design ideas, we can assist you to apply them when drawing the draft design. Upon drafting the design and approving it, we will outline all the specifications and draft a contract.


3. Contract & Deposit

Upon accepting the contract, you’ll deposit 5 percent of the quote to enable us to undertake preliminary requirements and obtain approval from the local council.

4. Submission of Council Plans

We will go ahead to submit your application for council approval and do our best to ensure it gets approved quickly.

5. Colour Selection

Clarence Homes boasts of having an experienced colour consultant. Our consultant will guide you through the entire colour selection process. The consultant will also assist you in choosing the best fittings to install in your new house.

We stock our products locally. This will make it easier for you to select the right colour scheme and fittings more conveniently.

If you’re building your home in a distant location from our store or you’re unable to come to our store to compare our selection, you can choose any other compatible product in your local hardware store. We will simply send you colour charts to make it easier for you to find the right colour.

6. Commencement of Construction

Once the local council approves your building plan and issues all the required permits, we will commence the construction on the agreed date or even before the date if needed.

7. Construction Period

We will give you regular updates about the construction. You can contact our builders whenever you want during the construction period.

8. Taking Ownership of your Home

Upon completing the construction, we will invite you to inspect the house with your builder. Upon being satisfied with the results, you can make the final payment and get the keys to your home.