What We Do..

We Design Homes

At Clarence Homes, we have a wide range of home designs that suit all budgets, lifestyles, families, land shapes and sizes, and environments. We also give you the flexibility to make some alterations to ensure you get a design that’s perfect for your needs.

We constantly monitor and review customer feedback, the best practices in the industry, innovations, Australian standards, and government legislation. Thus, we’re always in the best position to deliver a wide range of stylish, functional, contemporary, and relevant home designs.

Most of our home designs feature sustainable options that exceed industry standards. They include:

  • An on-site system for managing recycled waste
  • Enhanced ventilation and a passive solar building design


Besides what we say about ourselves, there’re many other people out there who appreciate our designs and acknowledge that they’re the best. Our marvelous customer testimonials will surely tell you more about Clarence Homes.

3D rendering of a modern house design
modern white house with backyard and pool

We Build Quality Homes

We primarily build homes that display a unique finish. Our supervisors are perfectionists.

They expect similar performance from our subcontractors. We only work with reputable subcontractors.

Besides, we ensure they’re fully licensed and insured before hiring them. Most of our subcontractors have worked with Clarence Homes for many years.

Together, we construct luxurious homes that exceed the expectations of our supervisors and clients.

We undertake every project with quality in mind. You can check out our display homes to see the kind of work we do.

You can also check our reviews to know what our past clients say about us. Besides, we’re a fully licensed and certified home builder.

We Create an Enjoyable Experience

We aim to create an enjoyable and memorable experience throughout the building process.

For most people, building a new home is a huge investment, not just monetary but also in terms of time, emotions, and effort.

We acknowledge what it takes to plan for a new home, design it, built it, and finally step into the new home.

Several members of our team have actually built their homes with Clarence Homes. Thus, we have first-hand experience of what it takes to build a home.

We’ll guide and assist you through the entire building process to give you a stress-free and memorable experience.

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