About Us

Come Home to Quality

At Clarence Homes, we specialise in building customised homes. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years now.

We handle every part of each project keenly to ensure you get a custom home built with quality in mind.

Our many years of experience in building new homes puts us in the best position as your most reliable home builder in Sydney.

We design and build custom luxury homes according to your specifications. We only use top quality materials and a reliable team to ensure your home is built beyond your expectations.

Why Clarence Homes

We aim to ensure that our clients get a luxurious and unique home. As a result, we’ve emerged as the most trusted and reliable home builder in Sydney.

We incorporate unique designs, styles, and expertise to deliver professional customer service. By hiring our service, you can rest assured of getting an enjoyable experience throughout the entire building process.

Besides, we customize our service for each client depending on their specifications and needs.

By choosing our service, you’ll get standard inclusions in your home that other home builders offer at a premium cost. Thus, you’ll get more at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Clarence Homes, we have a limit on the total number of projects we undertake every year to make sure that we complete each project to the highest standard.

Besides, we communicate with our clients throughout the construction process. We will engage you from initial consultation through to completion.

We do this by having a cap on the overall number of projects we start every month to make sure that our workload is consistent across our trades and staff.

Our designers boast of having many years of experience in designing custom homes. We offer several design solutions that can suit any preferences.

Clarence Homes aims to design and build top-quality homes. We utilize a three-tier quality assurance system to ensure that our quality is consistent on all projects regardless of their size.

Generally, it takes anywhere between 7 – 15 months to complete building a home.

The exact time will mainly depend on the complexity of the design and site challenges.

A straight forward project on a level site can be completed with 7 – 10 months.

More complex designs on sloped sites or those involving special inclusions such as pools and basements can take about 10 – 15 months.